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At Kaye Lifestyle Homes, we start the process of creating new custom homes in Florida by listening.

Custom home building is all about understanding the client’s lifestyle and translating it into the perfect design. For over 30 years, Kaye Lifestyle Homes has been helping clients create homes that align with their budgets, tastes, and lifestyles. Our first step is to get to know our clients through a discovery session. This allows us to understand their unique needs, whether it be a dedicated home office for those who work from home, a spacious kitchen for the family chef, or comfortable spaces for entertaining. We also take into consideration any eco-friendly preferences the client may have, and use this information to guide them through the building and design process, ensuring a custom home that is tailored to their preferences.

Our client-centered approach is why we’ve been able to build close to 4000 custom homes in Naples, Estero, and Marco Island. We believe that every family deserves to live in a home uniquely suited to how they live. Whatever your budget for financing your custom home, we have options that will work for you. Our new house floor plans range from the mid 200,000s to the 600,000s, with custom designs going up to 4 million. At Kaye, we are dedicated to making your vision a reality.

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Building meaningful relationships with joyful clients one Southwest Florida home at a time.

This drives our culture and means that we at Kaye Lifestyle Homes build your home with you, not for you. We prioritize transparency and clear communication, and we understand that different clients have different preferences for how involved they'd like to be during the construction of their custom dream homes in Florida. We provide an online portal to check on the progress of your home, as well as your construction manager's phone number. Every member of our Naples-based team is dedicated to providing quick responses to any of your questions and concerns and to reaching out whenever we need your input. This is why our customers often say we're like family and friends.

Kaye Lifestyle Homes - Family sitting on their couch in their new home

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Disinfecting Granite and
Other Natural Stone.

Protecting yourself and your family from COVID-19 is a priority for many people. If your home interior design includes granite countertops, you may be concerned about how to disinfect the beautiful but porous stone without causing damage. However, a simple change in your cleaning routine will keep your home healthy and looking its best.

Start with dish soap and warm water on a soft sponge, and wipe your counter in an S-shaped motion. Dish soap is gentle enough not to damage the sealant on the granite (unlike more acidic cleaning products) but it still cleans effectively. Then to disinfect, mix equal parts water and isopropyl alcohol, spray on the countertop, and let sit for about five minutes. Finally, dry the countertop with a clean dish towel, again using S-shaped motions. Make sure the cloth is soft so it doesn’t scratch the countertop. These steps will keep your granite or natural stone counters safe from both damage and germs.